Paid Membership

Paid Membership

Become a paid member today and get access to our vast collection of teaching resources. Your membership will grant you access to our members resources already on the site plus any new content which is added on a regular basis.

  • PPT's and accompanying worksheets to deliver a range of topic areas. All of our resources contain original and unique activities so these can be used in addition to your textbooks.

  • Grammar guides and accompanying worksheets - each one has been designed around key topic areas meaning that students will be practicing key vocabulary as well as key grammar points.

  • GCSE Exam support and revision material - Sample papers, revision worksheets, sample speaking and writing answers, speaking exam support.

  • KS3 Assessment materials - designed in line with the new GCSE our KS3 assessments are ideal to fully prepare students for the new style examinations.

  • All of our resources are available in Word and PPT format so you can adapt them to suit the needs of your classes.    

  • Regular updates and newsletters sharing best practice for teachers.

What is the difference between a monthly & annual membership?

A monthly membership will automatically renew each month to allow you access to the resources area month after month. An annual membership will automatically renew after 12 months.

I want to buy a school subscription, how do we sign up?

Schools can sign up via the payment plan above. Alternatively, send us an email requesting a school subscription along with the email addresses of the teachers who wish to subscribe. We will then send across an invoice and set each teacher up with an individual login.


We understand that school budgets are very tight so we wanted to create an affordable package for individual teachers. With an individual subscription you are allowed to download and share the resources with your own classes. You are not permitted to share the resources with other members of your department. We do ask members to adhere to this rule as this permits us to keep our packages at such an affordable price.

How do i cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription you can either cancel the payment directly with Paypal or other payment providers. Alternatively, email us requesting a cancellation.

are the resources suitable for the us curriculum?

Although the resources have been designed by UK teachers for the UK currciulum US teachers will also find these resources releveant. Our KS3 resources are suitable for beginners and our GCSE resources are better suited to advanced students. 

Still not sure? Why not take a look at some of our free resources

How do i sign up?

Select from one of our pricing plans above. You will be able to purchase a subscription via credit or debit card. Alternatively, if you would like to be sent an invoice and pay via Cheque or BACS simply send us an email. (Please note only annual subscriptions can be paid in this way)

What resources will be available in the members area?

Please click here to see a copy of our Terms & Conditions before signing up